List of Midjourney prompts to produce more accurate photos

However, there are more options in Midgerni’s usage guidelines that can override simple and raw text like the example above and provide predictable and consistent results.

List of instructions for advanced use of Midjourney

Although Midgerni’s artificial intelligence will produce an image for every prompt it receives (of course, if it is not part of its limitations, artificial intelligence image generation has red lines in some subjects); But in order to use Midgerni in advanced mode, you need to learn how to write prompts according to the parameters defined for this artificial intelligence.

Midjourney’s list of prompts to consider for producing more accurate photos that yield better results include the following 9:

1- Presentation of keywords – Style

2- Outputting in a special style (Stylize)

3- Chaos parameter

4- Resolution

5- Aspect ratio

6- Send image URL address as a prompt

7- More emphasis on the photo sent in the prompt

8- More emphasis on the text sent in the prompt

9- Filtering words

In short, the output style will be affected by the keywords you choose, and you can easily choose the style you want. A wide and classified collection of styles that you can use in Midjourney, including items such as: Artist, Camera or lens (Camera/Lens), rendering (Rendering), resolution (Resolution), effects (Effects) and themes (Based on themes).

Don’t forget that currently, communication with Midgerni artificial intelligence with English language provides better results; Therefore, the best prompts collected will be in English.

1- Keyword – style

Writing prompt keywords along with different artistic styles can have different results based on the style expressed in the sent prompt. Below are examples of keywords along with examples of style or design form, artist and genre, and you can choose the style you want according to these examples:

Writing prompts with design style and genre:

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