“Irancell Man” application was updated with a new design and prizes of one hundred million tomans

“Irancell Man” application was updated with a new design and prizes of one hundred million tomans


Smartphones have become an integral part of human life today. Also, many of us use different services of operators such as the Internet on a daily basis. To access them, you can use the existing codes; But there is another way.

My Irancell is an application that can easily provide different services to the user directly without the need for command codes. In addition to managing the Irancell account with the help of the mentioned program, it is also possible to do other things such as buying internet and call packages, paying the permanent SIM card bill and charging the credit SIM card. Of course, this is not the only facility you will have access to.

With the aim of providing a better user experience, in the new generation of Irancell’s super application, many changes have been applied in various sections such as design and user interface. In addition, by installing this program, you will have the chance to win a prize of 100 million Tomans. To test your luck, open the mentioned app once on your mobile phone until the end of June to enter the lottery for 10 prizes of 100 million tomans.

Also, in my Irancell super application, various other Irancell and non-Irancell products and services are provided; As a result, you no longer need to install different apps.

Before starting the tutorial on how to use Irancell Man, we mention some of its features:

  • Buying internet and call packages
  • Buying all kinds of modems
  • Making and buying multi-user packages and internet sharing
  • Buy recharge and amazing recharge
  • paying the bill
  • Show remaining internet package
  • Automatic renewal of Internet packages
  • Multi-user account management
  • Eliminate paper bills
  • Request to convert a credit SIM card to a permanent one
  • Determining the time to refer to Irancell service centers
  • Complaint filing and follow-up
  • Referral and follow-up of requests and their review
  • Call the call center

Next, we are going to teach how to start working with Irancell Man super application.

  • After installing the application, you enter its main page. From the top of the program, select “Add SIM card” option and enter your SIM card information.
  • You will then be asked to choose a nickname for yourself. Enter it and click confirm.
  • Now the description of each section will be displayed for you, which you can read more about the performance of their application.


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