Japan breaks the monopoly of Apple and Google in the mobile application market


Android and iPhone users often go to Google Play and App Store to download apps. These two stores are installed by default on phones, and you don’t have access to any other stores on Apple iPhones.

Apple and Google have long tried to keep users only in their online stores. This has caused the mobile application market to become bipolar. written by GizmochinaJapan is looking to break the monopoly of Apple and Google.

The free market has a great impact on increasing innovation and competition, and as competition increases, users will have access to more options. The conditions of the application market are such that it cannot be called free; Because, firstly, the number of main players is not so large, and secondly, the store owners, especially Apple, charge a lot of fees to the developers.

By presenting a special plan, the Japanese government is trying to open the market of mobile application stores so that Apple and Google’s competitors have the chance to compete. Increasing competition will eventually lead to lower prices.

According to Japan, online stores will be allowed to operate on Android and iOS platforms if they comply with some security and user privacy points. According to the rules, users will also be able to pay for applications by using various financial platforms.

In addition to Japan, the European Union has also approved a law according to which Apple must issue permission to operate various stores.

Japanese regulators are trying to compel Apple and Google to make it possible to remove default apps. Also, these companies are not allowed to prioritize their own applications in search services.

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