Argument over apples; Apple will probably force a 111-year-old company to change its logo!


The director of Fruit Union Suisse says: “It is difficult for us to understand this issue; Because it’s not like Apple is trying to protect its bitten apple. Their goal is to get the legal right to real apples… In our opinion, this is a universal issue and it should be [استفاده از تصویر سیب] be free for all.”

to report WiredIn 2017, Apple first tried to acquire the Apple trademark exclusively in Switzerland. It may be hard for you to believe; But at the time, Apple’s application included a black-and-white image of a Granny Smith apple, not the company’s original logo of a bitten apple.

Last month, the Swiss Intellectual Property Office initially agreed to Apple’s request; But only for a number of products of this company. The Swiss Intellectual Property Office cited the principle in the country’s law that public images of common goods must be in the public domain. Apple appealed the ruling last month.

This is not the first time that large companies in the technology industry have applied for trademark rights for common phrases or goods; However, surveys show that Apple has received more requests than Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Facebook in the last three years.

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