The best digital currency exchanges for Iranian users

The best digital currency exchanges for Iranian users


With the ever-increasing advancement of technology and its intermingling with people’s lives, cryptocurrencies are in the spotlight more than ever. In our country, the digital currency market has many followers, and thousands of people are engaged in trading multiple tokens every day.

In the meantime, exchanges have created a platform for cryptocurrency transactions, and since real money transactions are involved, users should be very important in choosing a reliable exchange with the right amount of liquidity. This importance even doubles in our geographical area; Because many large and reputable international exchanges are not able to interact with Iranian users due to sanctions, and bypassing sanctions by changing the IP has consequences and the risk of assets being confiscated!

With all these interpretations, we intend to introduce the best domestic and foreign exchanges for Iranian users in this article; Of course, before starting, do not forget that foreign exchanges are still prone to many challenges and the ones that are introduced only have a lower risk compared to others.

The best Iranian digital currency exchanges

To identify the best Iranian exchanges, users should consider several very important components such as security, history of establishment and activity, online support, volume of transactions, number of tokens or digital currencies and the user interface of the website or exchange application; Each of the mentioned items can be very important. For example, trading volume indicates that many people are trading on that exchange and there is enough liquidity. Fast and 24-hour support also shows the respect and credibility of that exchange.

Nobitex exchange

Nobitex is one of the first and most well-known Iranian exchanges that operates in the field of digital currencies. According to what is mentioned on the website of the exchange, Nobitex is the largest Iranian exchange in the field of cryptocurrencies with 4 million active users and a transaction volume of 200 billion tomans.


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