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The eighth stage: Now you can add the icon related to this shortcut on the screen, and every time you touch the icon, the search process for restaurants around you will be automatically performed and the list will be displayed. By choosing one of the results displayed in the list, you can easily navigate to Continue it from the map.

Therefore, click on the sharing button at the bottom of the screen or the three-dot menu in the upper right corner and type your desired name in the first box and then click on Add to Home Screen from the opened screen.

Be careful that by saying the name of the shortcut to the voice assistant of the iPhone, Siri, the automatic process of the shortcut will be done without touching an option. Of course, the Hey Siri voice command feature must be enabled in the iPhone settings.

Advanced iPhone shortcuts

The iPhone Shortcuts program offers shortcuts for each user in the Gallery section. Additionally, there are also shortcuts made by other people that you can get as well. Of course, in order to add shortcuts outside the gallery, you need to confirm the permission to install shortcuts outside the gallery in the settings of the Shortcuts app by enabling the Allow Untrusted Shortcuts option.

Creating iPhone shortcuts in advanced mode is difficult for most of the people, because there are limited programming possibilities to create shortcuts. For example, you can create shortcuts that will put the phone into energy saving mode by disconnecting all connections and activating airplane mode and dimming the screen. In the following, we have provided some examples of practical shortcuts for you.

The best iPhone shortcuts

1- Fast charging shortcuts

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