This suit brings the gaming experience closer to reality by simulating free fall and kicks

The series of Assassin’s Creed games are always very lively and you cannot easily experience the feeling of the game environment by sitting on the sofa. Ubisoft plans to fix this problem with a new shirt that offers vibration feedback. This shirt helps gamers feel the effects of parkour, combat and more while playing Assassin’s Creed.

Ubisoft has collaborated with OWO, a startup active in the field of interactive games, to produce its own shirt. This product is made of flexible materials that are placed in 10 areas including stomach, chest, back and arms. According to the description on the OWO website, these items allow players to experience more than 30 different sensations such as gunshots, bee stings, wind, fast driving, etc. while playing games. Of course, OWO has made it possible to experience other sensations such as free fall and bleeding in this shirt, but has not provided an explanation about the type of performance of these items. Users who don’t want to experience all the emotions presented in the OWO shirt can disable the simulation of their desired emotions through the mobile app.

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