Familiarity with Vista Samane Asa (one of the fintech companies in Iran)


Although at first glance this number is very big and far from mind, but when we look closely at our surroundings, this number seems reasonable. Because technology has affected almost all aspects of our lives, from entertainment to health and education. If we want to have a brief overview of the top technology companies in the world, we can mention well-known companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Tesla.

Increasing the number of IT jobs

The tech industry is on an upward trajectory with no signs of slowing down. There are various roles and job opportunities in this industry, from coding and software development to data analysis, testing, project management, etc. This issue allows people with different skills and abilities to work in this industry. Therefore, with the advancement of technology, the demand for labor also increases; Therefore, finding a job in this field is easier than in other industries.

Like any other job, in the IT industry you have to work hard and learn, but the difference is that after a few years of working in this industry, you will get significant incomes compared to other industries. This is one of the main reasons why many people are eager to work in technology. It is interesting to know that software developer, Devops engineer and cyber security specialist are some of the roles that have the highest income among IT roles.

Flexible working hours

Often when you work in the field of technology, you don’t need to work in a specific and limited time and place. You can do your work at any hour of the day and night without geographical restrictions. The same flexibility in IT work is one of the attractions of employment in this field. As we have seen, technology companies were not only not hit much during the corona virus epidemic, but most of them also experienced significant growth. One of the important reasons for this issue was the flexibility of working hours and locations in IT companies.

Continuous learning

As you know, technology is growing every day at a very high speed, so the operators of this industry should always keep their information and abilities up to date. You must constantly study and innovate, and this challenge can be attractive and enjoyable for many technology lovers. So, if you are a person who doesn’t like a monotonous life, or if you have a headache for new and exciting challenges, the field of technology can be the right job for you.

Working for the future

Working in the field of technology means building a better, smarter and more convenient future for humans. For many people, it is enjoyable to be able to have an impact, however small, on the world around them and to play their part in building a better future. Working in the field of technology easily gives you this possibility.

Technology companies inside Iran

As we mentioned above, technology and information technology are beyond the borders and in the vast majority of the countries of the world, companies and organizations operate in this field. Inside Iran, there are many technology companies that are active in various fields such as online sales, internet services, smart and advanced products, finance and fintech (financial technology or innovation in financial services).

Getting to know the Vista system

Vista Systems is a technology company that has developed well-known products such as AsaTrader. Asatrader is a system for online trading of the capital market, which is currently used by more than one million users. The story of Asa started from a small team with big dreams and now, after 11 years since the beginning of its activity, it has more than 350 employees and has more than 23 completed projects in its portfolio. It should be mentioned that this knowledge-based software company, from the software development and testing teams, Business IntelligenceDevops, database and project management are formed.

In general, the main field of activity of Vista Samaneh Asa is the capital market, and it provides its services exclusively to knowledgeable brokers. In the following, we intend to talk more about the role of the company Vista is a smooth system Let’s talk about capital and money markets.

Vista Samane Asa and the capital market

It goes without saying that brokerage companies are among the most important institutions in the financial system of countries. Also, the experience of stock market participants largely depends on the way brokerage services are provided. The brokerage is responsible for fulfilling customer requests in the shortest possible time. In this market, accuracy and speed in transactions are very important, and brokerage using information technology tools guarantees the quality and security of transactions. The brokerage’s back office set provides a complete process from the moment customers order to the time of execution and announcing the result to them; A process that includes gathering customer information, management of receipt and payment, registration and maintenance of credit and assets, etc.

In this way, the process of handling requests is facilitated and adjusted, costs are reduced, human errors are reduced, and the accuracy and quality of services are improved. Specific steps have been designed to handle all customer requests and all units involved in the brokerage can access information at the right time to enable proper management and follow-up of requests.

Vista Samaneh Asa is one of the few fintech companies that can count the development and maintenance of an order management system for knowledgeable brokers as its main activity. The order management system, which is called OMS for short, is the communication bridge between brokerages and the trading core of the stock market. In fact, the way each broker provides services depends on the OMS application it uses. Conscious brokerage is among the top four brokerages in the country; Therefore, the company Vista Samaneh Asa has been able to prove its strength in this field.

Vista system and money market

Connecting the money market to other markets through system integration is another achievement of Vista System Asa.

Referral to the bank and financial transactions is a part of the service chain of various businesses. In new business models, it is necessary to transfer money without the need for customers to go directly to the bank (whether through electronic channels or branches). This cannot be achieved except by creating a reliable and flexible technical platform and infrastructure that can establish a system connection between different business processes with banking services.

In this regard, Vista Samane company has created a software layer called Harmony on the banking core services. Considering the successful experiences of the past, this company is ready to cooperate with banks that need to use this tool and establish a system connection between them and external organizations.

The importance of this issue becomes stronger, especially in the case of connecting the capital market to the money market. Vista easily has products for both markets and has demonstrated its mastery of business nuances in both markets. Currently, banks using Harmony products can connect to all capital market systems in the fields of “cash transactions”, “futures transactions”, “commodity exchange” and “online securities transactions” and financial circulation Direct these areas towards you.

Cooperation with Vista system

As can be deduced from the above description, Vista Samane Asa Company is one of the largest fintech companies in Iran that has developed admirable software systems. A company where working can be attractive both for beginners (to learn and gain experience) and for experts (to deal with big and exciting challenges). In addition, ASA considers its human resources as its main capital and makes every effort to provide a human-based environment. On its official website, ASA has introduced teamwork, individual development and transparency, integrity and value as its most important values.

Also, the professionals working in the company Vista Samaneh Asa, share their experiences in the form of articles in the blog section The official website of this company publishes. Currently, in various fields of software development, you can read useful and practical articles and raise your comments and questions. It should be noted that on the “Working with ASA” page of this company’s website, you can see the general working conditions and send your resume to them if you wish.

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