In a conversation with US senators, Elon Musk called himself a supporter of China

In a conversation with US senators, Elon Musk called himself a supporter of China


Elon Musk China is interested in working in an international framework to cooperate on artificial intelligence legislation, he said in a Twitter audio session attended by two US congressmen. Musk made these words based on a conversation with a number of Chinese officials during his trip to this country.

The CEO of Tesla and Twitter has long called for global laws to control artificial intelligence and in previous years had called this technology a threat to humanity. Musk says he raised this point in a meeting with world leaders, including Chinese leaders, and now almost everyone believes that artificial intelligence should be legalized.

Elon Musk says he has warned Chinese government officials that super-intelligent artificial intelligence can take over the entire country. According to Musk, the Chinese are taking steps to legalize artificial intelligence and are concerned about the risks of this technology. Musk said in the Twitter meeting that he is considered a pro-China in a way.

Elon Musk has always been one of the defenders of China and has admired this country. Musk has particularly admired China’s labor-intensive style. In a recent meeting, he said that he has interests in China; Including the Tesla factory in Shanghai, which has produced more than three million cars so far.

One of the American senators present in the said meeting had a different view about China. He said it is more likely that China will use artificial intelligence to suppress freedom of speech and religion. He further added that he doubts that China will advance the development of artificial intelligence at a slower pace.

Elon Musk, one of the serious critics of artificial intelligence, has recently launched the artificial intelligence company xAI with the aim of “understanding the nature of the reality of existence”.


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