Providing cryptocurrency asset management service; Bdefi basket listing is located in Tetherland

Since 2017, Tetherland has been known as a reference for exchanging and announcing Tether rates and is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in Iran. Over time, Tetherland has provided new services and features based on the wishes and needs of its users, and this time it has unveiled the offering of cryptocurrency investment portfolios in partnership with Binost.

Tetherland aims to provide simple and safe tools and products that each user can access different investment tools depending on their risk, interest and conditions, so that while maintaining the value of assets, they can also make a profit for themselves. One of these tools is the investment portfolios presented in collaboration with Binost.

Binost Crypto asset management company

As one of the pioneers in providing cryptocurrency investment solutions and cryptocurrency asset management tools, Binost seeks to improve investment returns, reduce risk, and respond to the demand of investors and cryptocurrency market enthusiasts. The portfolios and investment products of this company are the result of years of effort and experience in the field of cryptocurrency asset management. Binost asset management service has been launched for about four years and has been available to special customers of this company.

Binost believes that Iran’s cryptocurrency asset management environment is witnessing many invalid and baseless promises; For example, buy a certain currency, it will be 100 times! Vacancies for professional investment managers can be seen in this space. Binost’s goal is to fill this void and provide an opportunity for rational and wise investment in the cryptocurrency market.

Therefore, since the beginning of June, Bdefi index portfolio was launched with the joint cooperation of Binost and Tetherland, and after the product testing and improvement process, from today users can buy this investment portfolio from Tetherland’s cryptocurrency converter.

Providing cryptocurrency management service in Iran

Asset management services all over the world play a significant role in making common people’s capital smarter and help people who don’t have enough time and experience in financial markets to make wise and intelligent investments.

On the other hand, according to the economic situation of Iran, people are constantly looking for investment and alternatives for their cash, and in this space, many people are destroying people’s capital by selling dreams and colorful promises.

In the meantime, Binost, with several years of experience in cryptocurrency asset management, has always tried his best to avoid making false promises and to tell people what is there and not what people want to hear and maybe it will never happen!

Tetherland and Binost plan to soon offer other investment portfolios to meet the needs of different users with diverse tastes and interests.

Bdefi investment portfolio

In response to why the first presented basket is related to the DeFi field, Binost explained that in the past few years, the use of DeFi protocols has increased with the drop in the price of DeFi cryptocurrencies, and for this reason, we believe that this field has become undervalued. Currently, many cryptocurrencies in the field of DeFi have a price lower than their real value, and this means a good and reasonable investment opportunity. For this reason, Binost has decided to make Bdefi the first investment portfolio.

The DeFi portfolio invests in the best cryptocurrencies in the DeFi field. By purchasing units of this portfolio, users can indirectly benefit from the possible growth of the DeFi field, without involving themselves in finding good projects and analyzing them.

Currently, users can access this wallet called Bdefi through Tetherland’s cryptocurrency converter.

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