The 6-watt Intel N100 processor runs some games at 60 frames per second!

Since the unveiling of Intel’s Alder-Lake-N series processors, we haven’t seen a specific gaming benchmark of them; Because these chips are only produced with low-power cores and support single-channel memory.

Many users would never consider Alder-Lake-N processors as gaming components; However, it is still interesting to understand how these products perform in the game. A YouTuber has done tests on the N100 and as we expected, the processor did not perform brilliantly; But its energy consumption was very small.

According to Toms Hardover, some very light games with only 6 watts of power were able to deliver 60 fps, which is exciting. Intel introduced the Alder-Lake-N series processors in early 2022 as its ultra-low-power chips. The most important feature of Alder-Lake-N is the use of the low-power, but modern Gracemount core.

Intel’s Gracemount cores are surprisingly powerful considering their power consumption and support L3 cache. Intel says Gracemount has the same power as 6th generation Skylake cores in 2015.

The graphics chip in Alder Lake-N processors uses 24 execution units and in theory has the ability to play 8K/60fps videos and supports AV1 codec; Of course, the ultimate power of this graphics for image output is 4K/60fps.

Reviews show that the low-end N100 processor can run a number of games well at 720p resolution. This quad-core processor, which has 6 MB of L3 cache and a turbo frequency of 3.4 GHz, also offered a rate of 60 frames per second in some games; But the frame rate of most games reached 20 to 30 frames per second.

N100 was able to provide 60 frames per second in CS:GO, Grid Autosport and Resident Evil 5 games. In Resident Evil 5, sometimes the frame rate reached more than 70 frames per second. The frame rate in the Dota 2 game was equal to 40 frames per second; But in other games like Sleeping Dogs, Skyrim and Forza Horizon 4, the average frame rate was 30 fps or less.

The very interesting thing about the N100 is that the aforementioned performance is provided by a 6-watt processor. The N100 didn’t achieve impressive power; But in terms of performance per watt, it appeared very good.

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