How to prevent Xbox from overheating?

How to prevent Xbox from overheating?


Air circulation is important to keep electronics cool. Adjusting the temperature in the game console depends on having enough cool air intake. Hot air circulation can lead to overheating problems. If you’re concerned about heat build-up, place the console outdoors, especially in the warmer months.

Clean the vents to prevent your Xbox Series X from overheating

In addition to placing the console in the right place, you should clean it regularly so that dust does not block the passage of sufficient air flow. This is especially important near air intakes, where dust and other unwanted objects can collect. If you have a pet that sheds, you should be careful not to collect hair around the openings.

Dust the vents of the game console as well as the surface the console sits on. Preventing dust accumulation by keeping the room clean will help to some extent.

Avoid placing other heat sources near the device

In order for the Xbox cooling system to work properly, it needs a source of cool air. Placing other electronic devices near the Xbox will heat up the environment around the console. This includes personal computers, other consoles, heaters and heating vents, or even televisions and monitors. Some LED TVs generate a lot of heat on the back of the device due to the backlight. If you notice your console getting hot, move it away from the back of the TV.

Add the fan to the shelf

If you can’t avoid placing your console in a closed rack, you can consider two or more fans to draw air into and out of the closed rack. In this way, fresh air enters the shelf and warm air leaves, and the console can use fresh air.

You’ll probably need to drill a hole in your rack and then plug the fan into a USB outlet or power adapter.


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