Bad background inquiry system with national code


In the next step, you need to pay a fee to receive your bad background inquiry. So, click on the “cost calculation” section and then on the “online fee payment” section. This cost will be around 20 thousand Tomans. After you have paid the fee online, you can click the “Final registration of information” option to register your inquiry and receive a tracking code. Save this code as you will need it to track the query result.

Pursuing bad background inquiries online

You have two ways to track the result of the bad background inquiry request online: the first way is to National Code Follow up and another way to follow up through Tracking Code Is. To use both methods, you must refer to the Sana system or the Iranian justice system. In the following, we have explained the steps to follow up the result of bad background inquiry in both ways.

Follow up on bad background inquiry with national code

If you have registered a request for bad background inquiry and you want to see the result and print this certificate, you need to select the “Electronic judicial notification system” section in Iran’s Justice System (SANA). On the new page, click on the “main electronic notification system” option. If this system is not available, use the “Electronic Notification Support System”.

Next, on the login page, enter your national number and personal password, and in the next step, enter the temporary password sent to your mobile number in the relevant box and enter the system. In the system, after logging in to the user account, select “My judicial services”, on the new page, click on the “Certificate of no bad background” option.

By selecting this option, the result of bad background inquiry will be displayed to you. This result, which is registered in your folder, can also be printed. For this purpose, after viewing the result of your query, click on the option “Get a printed version of the notification” so that this certificate can be printed for you.

Follow up on bad background inquiry with tracking code

When you register a bad background inquiry request in the electronic judicial service system (Iranian Justice), after completing all the steps, the system will give you a tracking code. By using this code, you can see the result of your query.

Also, if you have applied for a bad background inquiry in person, after the end of the application, you will be provided with a tracking code that you can enter in the system to see the result of your application. To follow up the inquiry using the tracking code, it is necessary to go through the follow-up steps with the tracking code; These steps are:

The first step is to enter the Iranian justice system and select the “other systems” option. By selecting this option, a new page will be displayed to you, where you must click on the “Inquiry of judicial documents” section. Next, a page will be displayed to you where you need to select the type of document, which is “request for a certificate of no bad background”. Next, enter the tracking code, certificate issuance date and security code and click on the “Request and Receive” option to view your certificate.

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