Artificial intelligence on YouTube; Dubbing videos in different languages ​​with a few clicks!


With the help of artificial intelligence, YouTube plans to make dubbing videos in other languages ​​easier for its users. The company announced at the VidCon event that it has hired members of the Aloud team. Aloud is a dubbing service based on artificial intelligence, which is a product of Google’s Area 120 project.

According to VergeAloud first transcribes your video and gives you the text to review and edit. Aloud then translates the text and produces the dubbing file.

YouTube has started testing the new tool with hundreds of content creators. Amjad Hanif, of YouTube staff, says Aloud currently supports English, Spanish and Portuguese, but more languages ​​will be added in the future. At the moment, Aloud support for Farsi language is not mentioned.

YouTube is trying to make dubbed voices sound like the voice of the original content creator. The company also says that by 2024, thanks to artificial intelligence, even the presenter’s lip movements will be synchronized with the new language.

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