How did Apple dethrone Mac computers?

How did Apple dethrone Mac computers?


Over the years, Apple has uniquely accomplished three major migrations to change Mac hardware to completely new and different chip architectures. The last change was made almost three years ago, and since then, the software and hardware of Mac computers have been completely transformed.

So far, no other computing platform has ever successfully attempted such a complex undertaking even on a similar scale, let alone attempted the three major platform changes that Apple made in the Mac: from the Motorola 68000 to the PowerPC, then to the Intel architecture. x86 and now migrating to ARM architecture and Apple’s own designed processors.

Despite the great and challenging work that Apple did, Mac computers are still not close to their ideal conditions and it can be said that we are dealing with the most disordered Apple hardware department in the last 40 years! Apple engineers have worked hard on software migration; But on the other hand, the hardware sector has not achieved anything other than lack of planning, lack of commitment and poor management.

Take a look at the Mac family of computers, you can clearly see the flaw and iMacs are the first victims of this poor management. Why did Apple ditch the 27-inch iMac and still sell the 24-inch iMac with the M1 chip? What happened to the iMac Pro and why does Apple use mobile chips in its desktops?


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