How to find the nearest gas stations near me

How to find the nearest gas stations near me


first stage: Open the Google Map application on your phone and then click on the Gas option from the ready filters under the search bar. To find this option, you may need to find the Gas filter by swiping left on the filters.

second stage: All the gas stations in the area being searched are displayed on the map and a list of them is also created with other information such as user score, activity time and routing option to them.

To see the location of gas stations on the map, you can touch the View Map option in the lower left corner so that the list goes down and you can see the nearest gas station on the map.

third level: To find the nearest gas station on Google Map, you need to sort them after finding the result of the gas station filter. For this purpose, you can use the above options Sort by or More Filters. You can change the order of displaying the results by touching any of the options between Relevance and Distance.

Given that distance is a priority for you and you want to find the nearest gas station, activate the Distance filter.

The fourth stage: The list of stations is sorted according to your distance with them, and by touching one of the stations displayed on the map or selecting one of the nearby gas stations in the list, you will see more information about the station, including images, directions, and contact information. will be

The fifth stage: To navigate to the nearest gas station, click on the Directins option to show the best route based on the amount of traffic. Now you can drive to the nearest gas station.

Find the nearest gas station in Beled locator

The user interface of the Beled router is not much different from Google Maps, so to find the nearest gas station in the Beled router, you must go through the same steps, which are as follows:


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