Send a one-time photo on Instagram Direct

Send a one-time photo on Instagram Direct


Over the past years, Instagram’s popularity has steadily increased. Currently, this application has more than 1.4 billion active users. There are several reasons for the popularity of Instagram; But the main reason is that it makes it easier to interact and communicate and share photos with friends and family.

Another reason for the popularity of this social network is its many features, such as putting rails on Instagram and its privacy, which users can use to protect their information. One of these features is sending a one-time photo.

Now the question arises, how to send a disposable photo? If you want to know how to send disposable photos and videos on Instagram Direct, stay with us until the end of this article.

Why post disposable photos on Instagram?

The demand for simple and effective communication has shifted to social media apps like Instagram. Today, people rely on Instagram for most of their work; From shopping and connecting with friends to starting a business and sharing and learning different topics.

Although Instagram has made it easier to do various activities, users still have concerns about their data privacy. This has led Instagram to add features such as one-time photo posting to help you share images safely.

In this feature, if the recipient sees the sent disposable photo for the first time, he can no longer see it. In other words, when you want to share an image; But you don’t want the recipient to keep it, you can send the disposable photo. By doing this, abuse is prevented to some extent.

One of the disadvantages of sending a one-time photo is that the recipient may not see the image completely due to the short time. To allow the recipient to see the photo again, enable the “Allow Replay” option when sending the photo; Of course, note that in this case, the recipient can take a screenshot from the photo.

Next, we will describe the detailed steps of sending a disposable photo on Instagram.

A step-by-step guide to posting disposable photos on Instagram

  • Instagram application Open on your mobile device.
  • Roy Messages icon Tap in the upper right corner.
  • chat Open with the person you want to send a one-time photo to.
  • Roy Camera icon Tap in the bottom left corner.


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