How could artificial photosynthesis be the key to sustainable extraterrestrial life?


Nearly 96% of the Martian atmosphere is made up of carbon dioxide, which seems to be ideal for photosynthesis. But the intensity of light on the red planet is weaker than the intensity of light received on Earth due to its greater distance from the sun; So will this be a problem? Researchers have thought about this part as well. By calculating the amount of light received on Mars, they showed that it is possible to use the photosynthesis device on this planet, although the use of solar mirrors is very important here.

Optimum and reliable production of oxygen and other chemicals, as well as carbon dioxide recycling of spacecraft and habitats, is a big challenge that mankind must overcome for long-term missions. Existing electrolysis systems operating at high temperatures require a significant amount of energy. Also, devices for converting carbon dioxide into oxygen on Mars are still in their infancy.

Therefore, several years of new research are needed to use photosynthesis technology in space. Copying the essential parts of natural photosynthesis will help us gain a better understanding of the process in the not-too-distant future.

Application in space and on earth

Photosynthesis technology will have many advantages. For example, we can create artificial atmospheres in space and provide necessary chemicals such as fertilizers, polymers, and pharmaceuticals for long-duration missions. In addition, with the views we get from the design and construction of these devices, we can also solve the challenge of green energy on earth.

We are lucky enough to have plants and algae to produce oxygen; But artificial photosynthesis devices can also be used to produce hydrogen or carbon fuels, and in this way we reach a green approach to produce energy-filled chemicals.

Space exploration and the future green economy share the same long-term goal: sustainability. Artificial photosynthesis devices can become a key part of this process.

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