How Glaze prevents art theft through artificial intelligence


The advancement of artificial intelligence continues to fascinate and amaze people, and this story will not stop. This issue has psychologically affected many jobs, including jobs related to art. Artists are becoming more and more worried about their artwork being stolen and given to artificial intelligence software algorithms to recreate their style.

As it is possible to recognize textual content produced by artificial intelligence, a tool to prevent art theft has also been designed. Glaze helps artists protect their work from artificial intelligence generators.

What is glaze and how does it work?

Glaze is a University of Chicago project that adds meaningful pixel data to your artwork so AI art programs can’t imitate your style. This program works by applying very subtle changes to artwork; very minor changes that are difficult for the human eye; But it can easily confuse AI software. The applied Glaze changes hide the art style using cloaking so that AI image generation tools cannot replicate it.

To understand better, consider this example: if you imagine your art as a deer and your AI dataset as a hunter following deer tracks, the deer can confuse and distract the hunter by crossing the river. This is what Glaze does. Note that Glaze is not a general protector for artwork; It also helps to protect the elements of the artwork.

Glaze is a necessary first step towards artist-driven protection tools to resist AI imitation; But unfortunately, it is not a permanent solution against artificial intelligence imitation. Artificial intelligence evolves rapidly, and systems like Glaze face an inherent challenge to be future-proof. Techniques used to cloak artwork today may be thwarted by countermeasures in the future, possibly leaving already protected art vulnerable.

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