Housing loan and deposit conditions for single and married students 1402

Housing loan and deposit conditions for single and married students 1402


Amount of housing loan and deposit for married students

The amount and amount granted to married students for housing deposit loan depends on the city where the student lives and studies. This amount is 35 million tomans in the academic year of 1401-1402 for married students studying in Tehran. The amount of this loan was 32.5 million tomans before.

The amount of housing loan and deposit for married students studying in other cities of the country is less than in Tehran. In the academic year of 1401-1402, the maximum amount of loan and deposit for big cities such as Mashhad, Tabriz, Karaj, Isfahan, Kermanshah, Shiraz, Qom and Ahvaz was 30 million Tomans and for other cities 25 million Tomans. Of course, this amount increases annually in proportion to the increase in inflation and, following it, the increase in the amount of the housing deposit.

Housing loan and deposit amount for single students

As mentioned earlier, the amount of housing loan and deposit for single students is less than that of married students. According to the statement of the head of the student welfare fund, the amount of loan granted to single students for housing deposit is 20% of the amount that is intended for the loan of married students.

Based on this, the housing deposit loan amount for unmarried students in the academic year 1401-1402 is 6 million Tomans in Tehran, 5 million Tomans for the metropolitan cities of Tabriz, Kermanshah, Ahvaz, Shiraz, Isfahan, Karaj, Mashhad and Qom, and 3 million Tomans for other cities of the country. .

Just as the amount of housing deposit loan for unmarried students is less than that of married students, the increase in the amount in the academic year 1401-1402 was less compared to the previous year and increased by only one million. Therefore, although this amount will increase for the next academic year, we cannot expect a significant increase for it.

How to repay student housing deposit loan

The housing deposit loan is either funded from the resources of the student welfare fund, or the banks provide this amount and give loans to the applicant students. How to repay this loan depends on which of these sources you took the loan from.

If the loan is paid from the fund’s resources, its repayment must be paid in one lump sum after the student’s graduation and based on the repayment regulations determined by the welfare fund. However, if the loan amount is secured and paid through the bank of the contract party of the fund, it will be done according to the criteria announced by the operating bank. Therefore, before getting a loan from the bank, you should ask the bank or the fund for the repayment terms.

Registration time for student housing loan

Housing deposit loan is offered in every semester or the same academic semester. The application period for this loan starts almost at the beginning of each semester, and the end time of this period is determined by the student welfare fund every year.

According to the procedure of every year, in the fall and winter semesters, the time period for registration and application for housing loan and deposit for students starts from the middle of October. In the winter and spring semesters, this period starts from the middle of February and lasts for two or three months.

Therefore, applicants can apply for a housing deposit loan within the time frame announced by the Student Welfare Fund if they meet the conditions mentioned in this article and by submitting the necessary documents. In the next part of this article, we have explained all the documents you need to register this loan.

Necessary documents for student housing loan registration

Registration for applying for a student housing deposit loan requires the submission of certain documents. These documents need to be uploaded online in the system related to this loan, so that the loan is granted to the applicant after the review by the student welfare fund. Before registering for this loan, you need to know the documents required to register the application.

According to the welfare fund’s circular, the necessary documents for registering a housing loan and deposit must be complete and valid. These documents are:

  • Official lease: Only the lease that has the assigned tracking code in real estate consultants’ offices is accepted.
  • Undertaking document: Applicants must send the commitment document to the registration system. University experts or online document registration system receive this letter of commitment.
  • Marriage certificate: Presenting this document is mandatory for married students. The validity of the student’s marriage certificate is also checked through the registry inquiry system.
  • Official letter of guardianship of the child (for married female students): Married female students who are the head of the household must obtain and present the official letter of guardianship of the child from the court in addition to other documents.

How to register student housing loan

To receive and register the student housing deposit loan application, you must visit the student welfare fund. Of course, you need to register in this system before entering the process of applying for a loan. Therefore, you should first familiarize yourself with the registration procedures in the student welfare system. In the following, we will explain to you how to register for a deposit loan.

Registration in the student welfare fund system

If you want to register in the welfare fund system, log in first Student welfare fund system become Then, in the “Service Desk” section, select the “Student Welfare Fund Integrated System” option.


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