Bank Karabehan will be equipped with Datin’s comprehensive banking solution

Bank Karabehan will be equipped with Datin’s comprehensive banking solution


After evaluating the technical and specialized conditions of the carbonking suppliers in the country, the Bank entrusted the implementation of its comprehensive banking solution to Datin, and with the addition of this bank to Datin’s other customers, the banking technological needs of more than 84 million banking customers are answered by this company.

This bank, which as one of the best private banks in the country from the perspective of banking standards, has been focusing on corporate clients, previously used an external software core developed by internal specialists. Now, based on its development goals, it has set the agenda to upgrade its banking systems in order to expand its services and has chosen Datin to support its data and transactions. Therefore, by equipping the entrepreneur bank with Datin’s comprehensive banking solution, 7 banks and financial institutions of the country offer their services and products through this banking solution.

Also, with the establishment of Datin’s comprehensive banking solution in the Entrepreneur Bank, the number of ATMs that are connected to Datin’s banking systems will reach 14,000 devices, and 80,000 bank associates in 7,000 branches across the country will use Carbonking Datin to provide banking services to their compatriots. did

Farhang Farzan, Datin’s vice president of sales and customer affairs, said regarding the duration of the migration and operation: “According to the signed contract, the launch and migration of data from Entrepreneur Bank to Datin’s comprehensive banking solution will be done by the end of 1402.”

The vice president of sales and customer affairs, Datin, continued: “Based on the structure and coverage of the needs of all types of customers, it has been deemed necessary to consider different subsystems. In this project, various products of Datin’s comprehensive banking solution such as Riyal and foreign currency centralized banking systems, transaction processing solution systems including card management system, switch, comprehensive billing and charging system, service delivery portal, business intelligence systems including data warehouse, customer oriented systems and Also, other systems in this field are adapted, deployed and migrated.”

According to him, with the implementation of these products and the training of the headquarters and branch colleagues, the Entrepreneur Bank can take advantage of Datin’s banking system facilities to meet the needs of its customers.

Sepe Bank, along with the migration and integration of 5 other banks in it, was the last Carbonking Datin project as the country’s largest banking software project, which ended in 1400. With the establishment of Carbonking Datin in the Entrepreneur Bank, 7 banks and financial institutions of the country provide their services through Datin’s integrated banking system.


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