Windows 11 now supports pen and handwriting text input

Windows 11 now supports pen and handwriting text input


Windows 11 build 23481 was released this week to Insider Developer Channel users. In the update notes, Microsoft is removing the integrated Teams chats menu and some old File Explorer options from Windows 11. Of course, the Redmond-based technology giant has introduced a new feature called Windows Ink, which is designed for Windows tablets and dual-use devices.

In the latest Windows 11 Insider update, Windows Ink can be used to write directly in any editing field. This means that every text input box supports adding content by handwriting. The function mentioned is not limited to specific programs and is provided throughout the system.

“We’re modernizing Windows Ink to allow users to use this feature directly in active edit fields,” Microsoft says. In addition, we improve the accuracy of this feature through detection technology. The goal of Windows Ink is to allow users to use their pen and handwriting instead of typing wherever they can on a Windows device.”

The Windows Ink feature is gradually rolling out to Windows Developer Channel Insider users. written by Windows CentralThis feature allows users not to switch to the keyboard to type different inputs when working with a pen. Another thing is that Apple has provided such a feature called Scribble in its iPads since about three years ago.

Scribble allows users to enter content in text areas of any part of their device with the Apple Pencil. This feature also includes some useful shortcuts like scratch words to remove them or strike a line around the word to copy, etc.


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