Hiding a number in Telegram is not a difficult task!

Hiding a number in Telegram is not a difficult task!


Making these settings will prevent anyone from seeing your phone number through the app. However, keep in mind that your phone number will still be attached to your account.

If you want some of your contacts to see your phone number, if you select Nobody, you can exclude these people in the Add exceptions section. To do this, just tap on Add Users or Groups and tick your favorite people from the contact list.

Finally, tap the ✔ icon to save the new settings.

Who can find you by phone number?

Telegram allows you to keep your profile hidden so that it cannot be easily seen by unknown people; Hence, it enables you to limit the people who can find your profile or chat with you even if they have your phone number. Thus, you will say goodbye to spam messages from unknown people.

  • Open Telegram settings.
  • Follow the first three steps in the previous list.
  • In the “Who can find you by your phone number” section, you will have two options:
  • My Contacts: so that only the contacts saved in the phone can find you in Telegram.
  • Everybody: Allows anyone who has your number saved in their contacts (or using a public link) to log in to your chat page.

You can also disable the synchronization option, which we discussed in detail in the article on transferring Telegram contacts to your phone, so that Telegram prevents you from synchronizing and uploading your contact list to its servers. To do this, go to Telegram settings and then privacy and security. Here, disable the Sync Contacts switch. Finally, tap on Delete Synced Contacts to delete previously synced contacts from Telegram servers.


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