Peach Information Technology Group unveiled its accounting products

Peach Information Technology Group unveiled its accounting products


In its press conference at the 26th Elcomp exhibition, the Peach Information Technology Group talked about the development of businesses using new technologies and introduced its accounting products called Apex.

At the beginning of the press conference, Hamidreza Sedigiyan Rad introduced the peach products. The CEO of Peach Information Technology Group said: The products of this company are produced for special trades under the name of Apex accounting products, and the products are specialized and suitable for every job and trade. After assessing the needs of the type of business and trying to respond to their accounting needs, Peach products have been designed and implemented for various companies, including commercial, manufacturing and contracting.

Hello products are not only for providing services to small businesses, but are producing products suitable for large businesses. Hello products are offered for electronic and digital businesses, food and restaurant, fashion and clothing, vehicle services, construction services and real estate.

CEO of Helo stated: In terms of Riyal, Helo’s products are produced for companies from 200 thousand Tomans to 20 billion Tomans, according to the needs of customers. Sedigiyan continued: We have been interested in the various needs of startups and the startup accountant community. Hello has considered the needs of startups even in the new law of taxpayers and has provided a solution for it.

More use of innovative technologies

In the following, Abulfazl Miaadian, the deputy managing director, also discussed the division of business expenses in other countries. Miaadian continued: Some businesses enter the path of spending more and using innovative technologies with increasing economic challenges such as recession or inflation.

Miaadian said: IT-based solutions increase speed and reduce costs. However, in underdeveloped countries, they move towards management and cost reduction and reduce technology and IT costs.

Referring to the Corona virus and its effects, the representative of Helo said: Before the Corona virus, we were promoting this structure in Iran, but the Corona virus led to a change in the structure and concentration of business processes in the IT field. This leap and jump in the change of approach has been noticed in the guilds, and in this regard, we have tried to produce and supply IT-oriented products to answer these needs.


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