Google brings a new gaming service to YouTube!

Google brings a new gaming service to YouTube!


Apparently, Google is looking to create a new source of revenue for YouTube by offering an online gaming service. YouTube recently asked its employees to test a new product called Playables, in this product users can access some online games directly on YouTube’s website or mobile app.

According to AndroidThese games can be run on a wide range of devices; For example, users can play their favorite game through web browsers or YouTube’s Android and iOS apps. Currently one such game is Stack Bounce, this game in style Arcade and supports in-game ads. In this game, players have to break the layers of a brick wall by throwing balls. YouTube is currently making good money from its game streaming service. The Playables product also provides a new revenue stream for YouTube, especially now that companies are cutting back on their ad spending.

Google’s new attempt to monetize video games comes after Google failed to develop its Stadia game service and eventually shut it down; But it seems that this time Google is counting on YouTube’s large audience to succeed in making money from online video games. Currently, a large audience visits YouTube every day, so this site will have no problem promoting its new product. Playables is probably more like a Netflix gaming product; Netflix allows users who have purchased subscriptions to play games casual in his game product.

Netflix has big ideas for its gaming product in the future, with reports suggesting that the company is working on developing games that can run on smart TVs, using the smartphone as a gamepad.


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