Galaxy S24 Ultra drop test; Watch the exemplary resistance of the Samsung flagship

Galaxy S24 Ultra drop test;  Watch the exemplary resistance of the Samsung flagship

Since the introduction of Galaxy S24 Ultra, Samsung’s most complete and best phone in 2024, many claims have been made about the build quality and resistance of this phone’s body.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra has a lot to say, at least on paper, with its Gorilla Armor protective glass and titanium frame. This Samsung phone has shown great performance in the resistance test.

To test Samsung’s claims about the impressive durability of its titanium flagship, PBKreviews channel Performed drop and scratch tests on the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

In the drop test, Samsung’s best phone was dropped from the display side and at a fairly standard distance from the ground. Galaxy S24 Ultra proudly passed this test and except for a small crack on the top of the phone, no other reminder of this test remained on Samsung’s new flagship.

In the scratch test, experts checked the resistance of Gorilla Armor protective glass against sand. Sand is one of the most important causes of scratches on the phone screen.

The new Korean flagship performed poorly against sand and after the test, no scratches were found on the phone’s screen.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra performed amazingly well in tests. Considering that the price of the new Samsung phone has increased by $100 compared to the previous generation, from the beginning we expected this company to release its new flagship with a more durable body than the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

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