The market value of 7 technology companies is higher than the stock market of all countries except the United States

Currently, the value of the US stock market exceeds 50 trillion dollars, followed by China with a market value of less than 10 trillion dollars. In the next ranks are Japan, Hong Kong, India and France, whose stock market value does not reach 10 trillion dollars.

According to the latest statistics from the US stock market, Apple’s market value is now around 3.02 trillion dollars. The market value of Microsoft, Alphabet, and Amazon is $2.96 trillion, $1.85 trillion, and $1.61 trillion, respectively.

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The market value of technology companies has experienced a significant growth in the last year, especially Nvidia. Team Sabz, which supplies a variety of Nvidia graphics cards, was able to triple its market value in 2023 thanks to the increased demand for artificial intelligence chips.

The giants of the technology industry, such as Apple and Microsoft, have always had an upward trend in the stock market, and these two are ranked first and second among the most valuable companies in the world, respectively.

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