Will God of War be released for Xbox?

Kenichiro YoshidaSony’s CEO, in an interview with the investment company Norges Bank, explained part of the company’s future strategies in the field of PlayStation console development and the possibility of experiencing the company’s exclusive games on cloud platforms, smartphones and computers.

According to YoshidaIn recent years, Sony has shown more attention to computers; So that Helldivers 2 and Marathon games are going to be released for PlayStation console and PC at the same time.

In his new interview, Yoshida mentioned Sony’s extensive activities in the field of film production, music, electronic products and entertainment. He said that PlayStation and exclusive games of this console are the main activity of Sony and they have heavy competition with Nintendo console and Xbox console.

Yoshida pointed out that Sony’s competition with entertainment companies is very heavy; Therefore, Sony wants to publish its games for PC, smartphones and cloud space as well.

Since the release of the first version of God of War, there have been many rumors about the release of the game for platforms other than PlayStation, and now the CEO of Sony has implicitly confirmed these rumors. Needless to say, it is not clear whether God of War will be released for Xbox or not; But there are many rumors in this regard.

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In the continuation of the interview, Yoshida also talked about the use of artificial intelligence and large-scale language models (LLM) in games and other Sony products. He said that these tools should not replace humans, and that Sony is simply using them as support technology to help its product developers.

According to Newzoo’s annual report, in 2023, the computer platform has experienced better growth compared to game consoles, and companies such as Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony can have a stronger presence in the game and entertainment industry by customizing their games for the computer platform.

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