Experts’ warning: Artificial intelligence is not magic and is used to spy on you

Experts’ warning: Artificial intelligence is not magic and is used to spy on you


During the Bloomberg Technology Summit held on Friday, several experts offered explanations for the alluring appearance of artificial intelligence. Experts say this technology is by no means magic and behind its seemingly innocuous face, it will surprise the general public, and also provided explanations on how disruptive AI can be.

Alex Hannathe research director of the Distributed AI Research Institute, which other people like Sam Altman From OpenAI and Imad Mostak Stability AI is also present, criticized for hiding the fact that the operation of artificial intelligence products requires human labor.

Hana “We know from reports that there is an army of workers behind the scenes of AI tools doing things like annotation and tagging,” he says. While tagging is done by human labor, Altman and Mustak They say that these things are done automatically.”

written by Futurism, Meredith Whittaker As the head of the Signal Messenger Developer Foundation, he raised concerns about privacy as a weakness of chatbots like ChatGPT.

Whittaker “I can say that maybe some people are users of artificial intelligence, but in fact this technology exploits most people,” he says.

Whittaker For further explanation, he gives an example of a person whose bank loan application is rejected. In this situation, the person in question may not know that lending from the bank includes systems that probably support some Microsoft APIs and evaluate people’s credit based on the content available in cyberspace.

Whittaker In the continuation of his explanation, he declares that artificial intelligence models also act as public surveillance technology. These tools monitor us through massive data sets collected from other humans; Data obtained from billions of web pages, potentially containing information about anyone who has ever used the Internet.

Whittaker “The data collected by AI doesn’t need to be completely accurate about every person or show exactly who you are and where you live, but such a large level of information is an incredible power in the hands of AI companies,” he says. has it.”


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