Cafe Bazar apologizes to users for an inadvertent omission

Cafe Bazar apologizes to users for an inadvertent omission


The market has recently found out that in some periods in the last two years, despite the display of the download message with half-price Internet, due to an inadvertent shortfall, parts of the traffic used by some users were calculated as full price.

In its statement, Cafe Bazar stated that the cause of this incident was not fully updated by Bazar in the relevant system of the Information Technology Organization.

In a part of the statement of Cafe Bazar, it is said: “We apologize to the users of Bazar for this error and accept the responsibility for it. We emphasize that the market did not have any income from traffic and half-price plans and currently does not have it.”

In the continuation of this statement, he added: “Users who downloaded or updated more during the mentioned time period, due to seeing this message, can submit their request in detail, along with their identity and contact number, until the end of July 1402. send an email to so that the support experts of the bazaar company, after examining the issue and verifying it, will make the necessary arrangements with them for the next steps to compensate for this error.”

In the end, Kafe Bazar emphasized that “protecting the rights of users is the main priority of the market; In the market, we always seek to satisfy our users and protect their rights by constantly trying to provide an accurate and safe service, and to eliminate the defects that occur during its development.


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