Enjoying the forest and the sea at the same time by renting a villa in the north from Jabama

Enjoying the forest and the sea at the same time by renting a villa in the north from Jabama


Basically, everywhere in the world, the presence of the sea and the forest near each other is one of the features that increases the tourist attractions, and this beautiful and God-given nature is located in many areas of the north, and you can rent a villa from Jabama in this area from this Enjoy nature.

One of the parts of the north that can be chosen to enjoy the green forest and the blue sea is the city of Ramsar, which is North villa for rent In this area, you can make the most of the neighborhood of the sea and the forest. In fact, you can have good access to the blue sea and the green forest in any part of Ramsar and its suburbs that you rent a villa. The beautiful city of Rasht in Gilan province is also one of the places that not only has a lot of urban beauty, but there are places around it where you can enjoy the sea and the forest at the same time. In this article, you will learn more about these two cities and their recreational facilities.

Spending time in the lush forests of Ramsar

Ramsar has been called the bride of the cities of Mazandaran province because this city has many and unique natural attractions that have created pristine landscapes in the neighborhood of mountains, forests and seas. Part of this beauty is due to the combination of mountains and forests, which has created a forest mountain, that is, green mountains with soaring and diverse trees. This combination has unique views that make spending time in these green forests a unique experience.

The most beautiful and famous Ramsar forest is called Dalkhani forest or Dalan Behesht. This forest, which is located in a green path, contains a green tree tunnel. Renting a villa in the north gives you the possibility to visit several waterfalls named Memshlam, Siyasert, Safaroud, Ej and Azark, in addition to enjoying this beautiful forest. Also, you can spend time by the Chalkroud and Turkroud rivers or watch other natural sights such as tea plantations, Edge waterfall, Mijran dam, Markoh castle, Siasert waterfall and Loka rebel cave.

Introducing Ramsar’s lush green forests

The lush forests of Ramsar and the mountainous region of this city have beautiful villas, each of which can be great destinations for tourism and travel to the north. These bungalows are so interesting that you can spend your entire trip in one of them. Fortunately, most of these areas have cottages and villas to accommodate travelers, and by renting one of them, according to your taste, you can settle in any of these summer cottages.

Some examples of Ramsar villages and holiday areas are:

  • Javaherdeh: a famous area with excellent air, pristine nature, which is located 27 km from Ramsar city, and Safaroud Forest Park and Swan Lake are nearby. Pedal boats and wooden gazebos are ready for fun and enjoyment in Swan Lake.
  • Gersmaser: It is located 40 km from Ramsar and its name means a place above heaven. This village with its unique plains and a mountain called Dezkol, which provides the possibility to see Ramsar and Tankabon, is really a place above heaven.
  • Jennet Rudbar: a colorful village with oak, parsnip, hazelnut, velik, kolekhas, barberry and forest tomato trees and is also the center of borage flower planting. Siyasert, Hosseinieh, Hesian, Rish Bezar, Khokha, Chardar and Azark waterfalls are located near this village.
  • Azareh or Azark: known as the flowing paradise of Ramsar, which is known for the most beautiful villas in Ramsar. Majiran lake is located near Azark village.

Watching the sunrise and sunset by the sea in Ramsar

Despite all the beauty in the forested areas of Ramsar, a trip to this city is not complete without going to the seaside. If you are one of those people who loves to watch the sunrise and sunset by the sea and you like to see the views of the connection between the earth and the sky with the golden light of the sun falling on the blue sea, it is enough to Villa for rent in Ramsar Make this possible. Because you can look forward to these wonderful sights if you stay for one or more days in Ramsar. Whether you stay by the sea or in a forest villa, you can reach the beach to see the sunrise and sunset and its spectacular views.


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