Terms, ceiling and number of loan installments from student welfare fund


Tuition fees, tuition fees, housing rent, and supplies are difficult to cover, and student loans can help students cover some of the costs. Student welfare fund It offers various loans such as education loan, tuition loan, essential loan and housing loan to students who have the conditions to receive it.

This loan, which is offered with a 4% fee, has general and specific conditions that we will explain below.

Conditions for receiving student welfare fund loans

General conditions for receiving a welfare fund loan, belief in the principles of Islam or one of the official religions, citizenship of the Islamic Republic, compliance with student ethics and affairs as determined by the student vice-chancellor, being a student and prioritizing financial need, not receiving a scholarship or scholarship from other organizations, Having no pending debt in the fund, not having employment and having a notarized commitment document with a guarantor is valid.

Also, in order to determine the priority of financial need, students under the aid or welfare committee or other support institutions are mentioned in the regulation. The student vice-chancellor of the university or higher education institution recognizes the need and priority of the low-income student to receive a loan.

  • Education and housing loans are granted to full-time students of public universities and centers affiliated to executive bodies and technical and vocational schools.
  • A special doctoral loan is intended for eligible full-time, continuous and discontinuous doctoral students of public universities and centers affiliated to executive bodies.
  • Tuition loans are granted to second-year students of state universities, centers affiliated to executive bodies, vocational technical schools, and tuition-paying students of Payam Noor, Comprehensive and Applied Science.

Students applying for a loan must not have been on probation in the two and a half years prior to applying for a loan in daily courses. Of course, new incoming students can take loans in the first and second semesters without taking into account the GPA. If the student is on probation in one semester, he can receive half of the loan.

Documents required to register a loan application

The required documents are different depending on whether the student is a new entrant or already has a file in the system.

New incoming students without a file must:

  • complete personal information in the loan application system;
  • register a bank account number;

complete the spouse’s information and attach the marriage documents;

  • have a notarized commitment document and a salary deduction certificate and an employment order;
  • Provide unit selection printout.

Old incoming students who have a file in the system must make a new commitment and submit their previous semester’s report card if the guarantee limit is reached.

Amounts and terms of student welfare fund loans

The Student Welfare Fund offers loans for education, tuition, marriage, housing, essentials, etc.

Education loan For associate degrees, non-continuous bachelor’s and non-continuous master’s degrees, it is for a maximum of 4 semesters. Continuous bachelor’s degree and non-scholarship non-scholarship specialized doctorate for a maximum of 8 semesters, continuous master’s degree and professional doctorate for a maximum of 12 semesters, and continuous doctorate for a maximum of 16 semesters can use this loan.

This loan is granted to married students who present their marriage certificate up to the maximum amount. The loan amount for married female students with children who are in charge of their children, students covered by the Relief and Welfare Committee, top, distinguished, exemplary and innovative students, as well as able-bodied students and single male students living in non-government dormitories, if there is a maximum credit It can be increased up to 50%.

Emergency loan It is a loan that is considered due to natural accidents and disasters, special conditions, marriage, birth of a child, and also to support top students, national examples, innovators, sports champions and those who want to be able. Full-time daily students of public universities, centers affiliated to executive bodies and technical and professional centers can apply for this loan in necessary conditions. The marriage loan in this section is different from the marriage loan in general and is only granted to students.

Associate, undergraduate and non-consecutive master students can use this loan up to two times, continuous undergraduate and non-scholarship non-scholarship doctoral students up to four times, and continuous master and continuous professional doctorate students can use this loan up to five times.

Also, students can use this loan exclusively for one event per semester. They must submit the necessary documents to receive the loan no later than 9 months after the event in order to be able to receive this loan.

Doctoral special loan It is for non-continuous specialized doctoral students and continuous doctoral students who have successfully passed the comprehensive exam. Also, these students must study in the full-time daily course of public universities and centers affiliated to executive bodies. This loan can help students especially during the thesis writing period.

Student housing loans In fact, it is a housing deposit loan for students, which is intended to cover part of the cost of renting a house for married and unmarried full-time students in public universities, centers affiliated to executive bodies, and technical and vocational schools.

Obtaining this loan requires the presentation of an official lease with a tracking code. In terms of location, the lease must be in the city of the student’s place of study or residence and in the name of the student or his spouse or both. The amount of this loan is different based on the place of residence and marital status.

tuition loan Every semester, second-year students of state universities, centers affiliated to executive bodies, vocational technical schools, and fee-paying students of Payam Noor, Comprehensive Applied and Free Science are awarded and it is intended to cover a part of students’ tuition every semester.

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