With the new feature of WhatsApp, you will soon be able to find stickers more easily and quickly

With the new feature of WhatsApp, you will soon be able to find stickers more easily and quickly


WhatsApp is planning to release a new update that will include new features such as sticker suggestions. This update is known as version number and is currently applied to the beta version of WhatsApp.

Stickers were added to WhatsApp for the first time in 2018 so that users of this platform can better convey their feelings to others in chats. In addition, the ability to download and install sticker packs was made available to the users of this messenger.

The function of the WhatsApp sticker suggestion function

By installing the new update of the WhatsApp beta version, users will see a new icon at the top of the keyboard that displays the stickers associated with the emoji registered in the message box, and thus it will be easier to find and send different stickers.

To test the new WhatsApp feature, it is recommended to download the Cuppy sticker pack from the internal WhatsApp sticker store and insert the desired emoji in the message box. If the sticker suggestion feature is enabled for your account, you can quickly find and send the sticker you want using this feature.

The WhatsApp sticker suggestion feature will be very useful due to the increase in the number of sticker packages for this application. Without this feature, it would be really challenging to find the desired sticker among the many installed packages, and in fact, the new WhatsApp update will save you a lot of time. This feature is also compatible with third-party stickers.

written by GizmochinaIn the coming days, the ability to suggest stickers will gradually be available for users of the standard version of WhatsApp. The messenger is also working on a conversation list filter feature, a more modern look for alerts, and higher quality video sharing.


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