Emphasis on the content of Elcomp exhibition; Now is the time to talk

Emphasis on the content of Elcomp exhibition;  Now is the time to talk


Seyed Hasan Hashemi, head of the country’s Nasr organization, said in this meeting that July is an important month for the information technology industry, despite the Elcomp exhibition and then the information technology day: “In the past months, we experienced many difficulties and problems, and in the Nasr organization, the problems are demanded to be resolved. we were. We tried to follow the responsibility without fuss. Direct discussion of the issue with the president had a good effect and the issue of disruptions was followed up in the ministry, and I think that some of these problems have been resolved to some extent, but we are still following up on the problems as a demander.”

He asked the officials to attend the Elkamp exhibition and have direct conversations with the Fava industry activists: “If we want to achieve goals such as increasing the share of the digital economy, we must create hope and motivation in this area, and I hope Elkamp is in this direction. »

President Nasr of Tehran: We were not successful in restoring the Internet to its previous state

Hossein Eslami, head of Tehran’s Nasr Organization, said that unfortunately, we were not successful in restoring Internet access to the previous state, and nothing happened even in the field of removing minimal restrictions. He pointed to the meetings with the president and the first vice president, which were held with the aim of removing business restrictions, and said that the first vice president also emphasized that it is not possible to solve the country’s current problems without the support of digital economy activists.

According to Azad Maroufi, Secretary General of Nasr, the activists of this area have been waiting for this exhibition for several years, as a place where individuals and companies can be introduced to each other: “If the Exhibitions Company and the Ministry of Security arrange for the trade union organization to organize this exhibition for several periods We can plan for the presence of foreign companies in the exhibition. What is our concern is organizing the market and creating a healthy and competitive environment that Alcomp can help with.” Faramarezi also emphasized that the international communication in this exhibition is affected by the country’s international communication.

This year, unlike the previous courses, there is no competitive atmosphere in Elcamp because the members of the organization came to the conclusion that there are more important issues. Reza Ghorbani, head of the fintech commission, said: “The last Al-Comp was held four years ago, and the conditions of the country are not the same as four years ago, so we don’t expect startups to present and introduce themselves, so there is no capital and pitch in this year’s Al-Comp.” Today, we don’t have that startup frenzy four years ago, but in halls 8 and 9, we have companies that were formed in the last four years. Brands with a 200-meter stand whose lifespan does not reach 5 years are an important event this year. We should not expect old names and repeated words in this Elcamp.”

Referring to the presence of cryptocurrency exchanges in Ain Al-Kamp, Ghorbani said: “Our desire in Nasr is that Al-Kamp can give a correct picture of today and be a mirror of our situation.”

The full schedule of panels will be published in the coming days.

The price bubble of IT products is due to the lack of supply

In this meeting, the issue of Technology Day, which will be held on July 20, was also mentioned. This half-day event will be held in Milad Tower from 2 to 8 p.m. and the serious focus this year will be on content.

In another part of this meeting, members of Nasr organization talked about various problems in this field.

Majid Orei, the head of the software division of the organization, announced that the event of Programmer’s Day will be held in September, and it is an opportunity for industry activists and government officials to sit around a table on specialized software issues. According to him, after three decades of the software’s life in the country, there is still the problem of signing the software work and its production: “One of the most pressing issues in the software field is technical approval certificates, EFTA, operating license and knowledge-based, which we try to do as much as possible. “Collect the certificates and delete them if they are not necessary.”

After him, Aydin Adalat, a member of Nasr Tehran’s board of directors, pointed to the issues related to hardware and said that the situation of currency allocation for the supply of IT products is critical and is affecting the hardware and communication market: “Although currency is scarce in the country and resources are hardly in the hands of the government reaches, but our problem is that the central bank does not identify the priority for allocation correctly. While several billion dollars are allocated for the car, it does not even reach half a billion dollars in the ICT industry.

According to him, out of about five billion dollars of currency that this field needs, three billion dollars are only for mobile phones. Also, the producers are facing the problem of obtaining foreign currency to import the parts they need: “One of the short-term consequences of this policy is that the supply of IT products lags behind the demand and causes the items to suffer a price bubble. Even the prices of the goods are offered in our country at several times the prices that are bought and sold in the UAE and China. This price bubble is due to the lack of supply and the main factor is the policies of the central bank.

He emphasized that in addition to the lack of currency and the difficulty of administrative systems and processes, the main issue is politics: “The general policy of the government board is to slow down the allocation of currency. Our request is that they consider the priority of ICT as one of the basic pillars of urban and rural life. “Now the importance of broadband and smart system is no less than access to water, electricity and roads, and their absence disrupts life.”

The dangerous policy of the central bank

In continuation of the policies of the Central Bank, which is detrimental to the IT sector, Justice pointed to a new circular that was announced in late May on how to allocate foreign currency to imported goods and services. In the explanation of one of the clauses, which he called unprofessional and dangerous, he said: “In a clause of this circular, from now on, the production workers of the free and special zones will not be allocated the currency provided by NIMA or the Central Bank, but it has been announced that they should use the currencies in available to use. This is despite the fact that in the same circular it is stated that the Central Bank does not recognize any currency other than Nimai, and in fact, with the existing conditions, they say that producers and importers in the free zone should import smuggled currency. Even if this economic operator is able to provide currency, he must produce and clear goods with a currency of 50 thousand tomans, while in the mainland, goods are imported with a currency of 40 thousand tomans. This is the death of production in special and free zones.

According to him, with this circular, the measures that the ministry had prepared for the special zones will be destroyed and three thousand producers in the free zones will be paralyzed, employment will be lost and it is not known what will happen to the investments of several thousand billion tomans: “In this context In the organization, we have written letters with various institutions and we requested the minister to follow up on the issue so that this department can be changed.”


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