Elon Musk and Sam Altman’s competition in building advanced artificial intelligence to prevent human extinction

xAI started working just days after OpanAI announced the formation of a dedicated team to develop super-intelligent artificial intelligence. “xAI will definitely compete with OpenAI,” Musk said at the time.

Fortune Writes the approach Mask It is to actively participate in the development of ultra-advanced artificial intelligence and thus prevent the aforementioned technology from becoming a great threat to humans. In describing his plans for building artificial intelligence, he said: “According to some critics, such an approach is problematic; Because truth can be relative.

for example, Team Harford from the Financial Times recently citing the results of the investigation Francesca Tripodisociologist and Peter WassonPsychoLuck, described the challenge of finding real answers online.

Tripod Example of searching for the phrase “Why is the sky blue?” and “Why is the sky white?” presented in Google and encountered different answers. Meanwhile, in the 1960s, Wasson proposed the modification of “confirmation bias,” which is used to describe the tendency to provide answers that are consistent with one’s current beliefs.

Meanwhile, Gary GenslerThe head of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission has expressed concern about the capacity of artificial intelligence to create distortions in the financial markets and even create a financial crisis. In part of his speech, he said: “If all people make the same decision due to using the same data source, such a situation will cause a crisis.”

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