Trades has lost almost half of its active users in just one week

Trades has lost almost half of its active users in just one week


Millions of users registered in this social network just a few days after the launch of Trades; But keeping these users is another matter.

Data from SimilarWeb shows that the number of daily active users of Trades has decreased from 49 million people to 23.6 million people in a week, and this means that despite the rush of millions of users to register on the said platform, not all of them regularly use this social network.

Meanwhile, Goya Mark Zuckerberg Not worried at all; Because recently he expressed his optimism about his new social platform. The CEO of Meta said in a post on Trades:

SimilarWeb data is provided based on the usage rate of Android users; Because tracking these people is easier than tracking iOS users. It should be noted that the statistics for iOS users will also be published next week.

Fortune With 23.6 million active users, Twitter’s audience is about 22% of Twitter’s active users. The daily use of this program on July 7, 2023 was an average of 21 minutes per day; But by July 14, 2023, it has decreased to about 6 minutes. SimilarWeb also says:


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