Daria Hamel unveils its first smartphone

Daria Hamel unveils its first smartphone


By introducing this phone, Daria plans to take a share of the smartphone market in Iran. According to the managers of this company, the mobile phone they have produced is the result of years of efforts in the field of research and development.

In 2019, in the challenging conditions of the outbreak of Covid-19, Daria established a research and development unit to design and produce smartphones. By gathering a team of experienced researchers and specialists, this unit succeeded in formulating and implementing the advanced stages of smartphone development. Along this path, Daria company encountered problems and challenges, but by emphasizing its goal and following scientific and technical standards, it was able to overcome these problems. With the cooperation of marketers, technical experts and software and hardware developers, this company was able to prove its ability to produce smartphones.

Careful research in the development of advanced technologies and the design of a native operating system for this phone were key elements in Daria’s success. Also, professional design teams and experienced researchers were able to provide a detailed and complete roadmap for this project.

Focusing on research and development has always been among the priorities of this company and this achievement confirms the research and development efforts of human resources and specialized teams of this group.


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