What is my IP? How to find IP

Dynamic IP changes automatically and regularly. Internet service providers purchase large numbers of IP addresses and automatically assign them to their customers. These addresses are replaced with a new IP at certain intervals, and the previous IP is entered into the company’s treasury to be used for another customer. Dynamic IP ultimately lowers the costs of the Internet provider company.

Automating IP address changes means that when the user goes home, the ISP does not have to take special steps to recreate the IP address. Dynamic IP address also has a security advantage; Because a variable IP makes it impossible for cybercriminals to penetrate your network easily.

Static IP address

A static IP address cannot be changed, unlike a dynamic one. Most people and businesses do not need a static IP, but businesses looking to host their own dedicated server should have a static IP.

A static IP address ensures that websites and related email addresses always have a static IP address; Having a static IP is essential if you want other devices to always be able to find websites and email addresses on the web.

This brings us to the next section; In general, we have two types of IP addresses for websites. People who don’t host their own server and go to use web hosting services, are offered a shared IP and a dedicated IP.

Shared IP address

Websites that use shared hosting services are hosted on the same server alongside a large number of other websites. These services are usually most useful for small websites. Websites that use this method have a shared IP address.

Dedicated IP address

Some web hosting companies allow you to purchase a dedicated IP address or addresses. This makes it easier to maintain an SSL certificate and allows you to run your own dedicated File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server to make it easier to share and transfer files with multiple people in an organization.

A dedicated IP also allows you to access your website by just entering the IP, without having to enter the domain.

How to find your IP?

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