Tetherland Classic became available to Tetherland users


Tetherland Classic is now available in the Tetherland application and all respected users can use it by activating this version from the settings section.

Previously, Tetherland had unveiled version 7.0 of its website and application and introduced new features to its users and promised to provide the classic version. Increasing the loading speed by three times and increasing the operation speed by two times, reducing the conversion fee and gradually reducing the fee of Teterland, in addition to providing the classic version for the convenience of users, are part of the features of Teterland version 7.

In the new version of Tetherland, according to the needs of the users and paying attention to their wishes, more up-to-date and extensive features have been added. These added features are designed in such a way that the final product is not complicated, but at the same time, the speed of the operation is doubled.

Tether exchange is attractive for Iranian users for various reasons, such as trading cryptocurrencies, an alternative to foreign exchange investment and financial transfer. Tetland’s 1401 report, which was recently published, also shows that cryptocurrency exchange has grown by 40% in the past year.

Providing a product that is uncomplicated to use can optimize the user experience for users who want to buy and sell Tether. Last year’s Tetherland statistics show that the number of users of this exchange has experienced an 87% growth compared to 1400. Using Tetherland Classic can make it easier for this number of users who buy and sell tethers from different cities.

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