competitor of Google Play and App Store; Facebook makes it possible to download applications directly!

Meta plans to allow EU residents to download apps directly through Facebook ads. With this big change, Facebook may finally become a direct competitor of Google Play and App Store.

Meta will make the new type of Facebook ads available to a number of Android developers as a test before the end of this year. This meta action is the result of the adoption of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) of the European Union, which will take effect next spring.

The Digital Markets Act designates Apple and Google as the “gatekeepers” of the app industry and requires them to open up their mobile platforms. Following the mentioned changes, it should be possible to download Android and iOS applications in alternative ways.

Android has offered sideloading of apps for years, but Google forces users to use the Play Store financial system. Also, when you try to download the application from external sources, you will face scary warnings. However, Meta believes that it makes more sense to start testing Facebook’s store mode on Android than iOS.

Meta has told developers that its new system will increase conversion rates for ads that include app installs. Meta currently does not intend to charge fees for in-app purchases, so developers can go with the financial system of their choice.

A person on behalf of Meta in an email to Verge has confirmed these claims. “We’ve always been interested in helping developers distribute their apps, and the new options add to the competition in this space,” he says.

Meta is not the only company that plans to offer an app store. In response to the adoption of the European law, Microsoft also said that it hopes to make a store available for Android and iOS games next year.

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