Apple to the European Court: We do not want to make another change to the App Store

Apple to the European Court: We do not want to make another change to the App Store


Apple and Spotify are back in court this week as the European Union’s antitrust case continues. The European Union announced the initial vote in 2021, saying the App Store unfairly placed Apple Music ahead of Spotify and other music streaming services.

Earlier this morning, Apple’s lawyers argued in court that the company has addressed competition concerns over the past two years and that no further changes to the App Store need to be made. In a statement, Spotify said the recent App Store policy changes were “for show only” and did not change Apple’s original anti-competitive approach.

If the court rules that it violates EU law, Apple will likely face a heavy fine. It is currently unclear when the European investigation will end.

According to 9to5MacIn early 2023, the European Union dropped the part of its complaint that related to Apple’s right to charge fees for digital services and the requirement to use a proprietary in-app purchase system. The lawsuit now focuses on Apple not allowing apps to notify about alternative methods of subscription provisioning (such as web browsers).

As Apple’s lawyers say, starting in 2021, the company has gradually revised its policies so that Reader apps host an external link to create or manage user accounts.

Spotify believes that the App Store changes do not address the main concerns of the case and that the European Union should fine Apple: “These rules are still in place today and Apple’s supposed changes do not actually change anything and are just for show.” We support the European Commission and believe that the court’s charge sheet addresses Apple’s unfair business practices.”


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