Comparison of Xiaomi 13 Lite with Samsung Galaxy A54; The battle of the best midranges in the market

The popularity of mid-range phones is increasing day by day, and the unbridled increase in the price tag of flagships draws more users to use mid-range phones. In the meantime, Xiaomi and Samsung, the two main players in the mid-range category, are trying to gain more share in the mobile market by releasing different models.

Xiaomi offers models in all three families of Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco with different prices and different software support to encourage more people to buy. Samsung releases its best mid-range phones in the Galaxy A series; Models that are in a higher class than the F or even M series in terms of software and hardware.

In 2023, the Koreans introduced the new series in two models, including Galaxy A54 and Galaxy A34, and there was no news of the Galaxy A74 model; It may be that with the high sales of the Galaxy A53, Samsung will completely abandon the A7X series and the Galaxy A73 will be the last model of this series.

On the other hand, by offering most of its models in the mid-range category, Xiaomi dominates a diverse market of different models in different price ranges compared to Samsung. In terms of comparison, we should mention the price range of 15 to 25 million Tomans; Where Xiaomi has 11 representatives and Samsung has only two!

Now, the confrontation between the two important mid-ranges of 2023, namely Xiaomi 13 Lite and Galaxy A54, will be an interesting event to win the title of the best mid-range market; So stay tuned with Zomit.

Video comparison of Xiaomi 13 Lite with Samsung Galaxy A54

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Comparing the design of Xiaomi 13 Lite and Samsung Galaxy A54

Despite using the same material, Samsung and Xiaomi follow a different approach in design. Xiaomi prefers to use curved edges, and as mentioned in the review of Xiaomi 13 Lite, many elements of Xiaomi 13 Pro and Huawei P30 Pro can be seen in its design; While Samsung uses the design language of the Galaxy S23 family, it uses a screen with flat edges.

Galaxy A54 measures 76.7 x 158.2 mm and has a thickness of 8.2 mm, which reaches more than 10 mm (1 cm) including the camera protrusion! On the other hand, Xiaomi 13 Lite with dimensions of 159.2 x 72.7 mm and a thickness of 7.2 mm is considered to be a more comfortable and compact device.

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