Chip implantation was done in the human brain; Elon Musk’s “Telepathy” is coming

Chip implantation was done in the human brain;  Elon Musk’s “Telepathy” is coming

Nuralink company owned by Elon Musk It is located, implanted its first chip in the human brain. Neuralink’s goal of developing this technology is to help people with quadriplegia.

Mask with mail release in X (former Twitter), announced the news of the first implant in the human brain and said: “The first human received an implant from Neuralink and his condition is improving well. Preliminary results show that neuron spike detection was promising.” The famous billionaire also announced the name of Neuralink’s first product “Telepathy”.

Implanting Neuralink chips in human brains comes four months after Elon Musk’s company announced its first call for human volunteers to test the N1 brain-computer interface.

Neuralink’s first-in-human study, PRIME, is targeting interest in people with quadriplegia caused by cervical spinal cord injury or myotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Volunteers for Neuralink implant must be at least 22 years old and have a stable and reliable caregiver.

Neuralink announced last year that during its studies, it used a robot to insert very fine and flexible microchip threads into the area of ​​the brain that controls body movements. This chip records brain signals and wirelessly transmits them to a computer program for decoding.

The main goal of the Prime study is to evaluate the safety of the implant and the effectiveness of the robot surgeon. In addition, with the aforementioned test, the capabilities of Neuralink’s brain interface are evaluated and, according to the company’s claim, it helps people control electronic devices with their thoughts.

For example, a person who is paralyzed may be able to control their phone using only hand gestures. Musk says that this technology can even bring superhuman consciousness to humans one day.

According to Neuralink, the company aims to create a generalized brain interface to restore independence to those whose needs cannot be met by medical science today, and also improve the ability of future humans to perform tasks.

Last year, the US Food and Drug Administration gave Neuralink the green light to conduct its first human trial after similar tests were conducted on animals.

Musk founded Neuralink in 2016 with a small team of scientists and engineers. Of course, Neuralink is not the first company to aim to reduce the chip in the human brain, for example, BrainGate already helped a paralyzed man type through his thoughts and share them with others.

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