Apple’s smart speaker with touch screen is coming

Apple is working on a new HomePod with a touch screen. According to the rumors, Cupertino plans to introduce and release this HomePod in the first half of 2024 (December 1402).

Bloomberg reporter It first claimed in 2021 that Apple was working on a new HomePod with a display and camera. two years later, Ming-Chi Kuothe Apple analyst, stated that the latest HomePod will be equipped with a 7-inch screen, which the Chinese company produces.

In 2023, a famous leaker said, “Apparently, the device will have an almost identical design to the second generation HomePod; But it comes with a large LCD touchscreen on top instead of the LED array used in all HomePod models to date.”

Some time later, images of the prototype of the device were leaked, showing a curved and convex LCD screen for displaying content on top of the device.

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