Chargoon: There has been no hacking or data leakage in any of the customer’s systems

Chargoon: There has been no hacking or data leakage in any of the customer’s systems

After sending a security warning SMS to some organizations about the disconnection of the administrative Automassin system with the Internet, which has led to the spread of rumors and false news about the hacking of these systems.

Chargoon reacted to this issue by publishing a notice and at the beginning of this text, it has clearly stated that “no case of hacking, data leakage, data loss or defacement has occurred in any of Chargoon’s customer systems.”

According to the public relations report of the Chargoon platform, the manner and literature of information in this regard has caused rumors and concerns for activists in this field and the media.

Chargoon wrote in the announcement that he published in response to these suspicions:

In the past days, our technical teams, according to the instructions they received from the competent institutions according to the specific conditions of the country, put the security factors of the customers’ systems on the agenda with high priority, and during a series of intensive measures, they checked the infrastructures of all the customers and, if necessary, Suggestions for improving security have been provided.

, Chargoon Company

In the continuation of this announcement, it is also stated: “As we have done for the past 25 years, we assure all customers and users that the security of their information and systems is at the top of our priorities, and in this regard, we will not give up any reassuring measures.”

The company has also promised to inform more and additional news in an official form: “while sincerely thanking customers, all activists and media for their good opinion and cooperation, if any additional news is obtained, official and transparent notification will be done.”

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