Spotify’s sharp statement: Apple mocks European rules with iOS changes

Spotify’s sharp statement: Apple mocks European rules with iOS changes

Several well-known companies and unions including Spotify, Epic Games, 37Signals and Proton A letter addressed to the European Commission (the executive arm of the European Union) have signed, which raises serious concerns about changes in the iPhone ecosystem.

Apple is recognized by the European Union as a “gatekeeper” company and therefore has to comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA). This law, which will enter into operation on March 6, 2024 (16 March 1402), has strict requirements.

In a new letter, critics of Apple said that the changes that the company is considering for the iPhone ecosystem not only ignore the spirit and text of the DMA law, but also make a mockery of it.

Spotify and other critics say Apple’s approach contradicts the spirit and letter of the DMA rule

Apple has said that it will allow the operation of competing App Stores, sideloading (sideloading of applications) and the use of various payment systems for EU users; But only if developers agree to terms such as the new Core Technology Fee. According to this law, Apple charges developers for each app install after one million downloads.

Spotify and other companies say the Core Technology Fee is designed to help Apple maintain and strengthen its position and not abuse it. According to critics, few developers will agree to Apple’s new terms, and thus usage rates for Apple’s store and payment system will remain high.

Developers who remain within Apple’s ecosystem will not have to pay the Core Technology Fee, but they will not be able to publish the app in different stores either. Spotify and other critics say Apple’s approach is at odds with DMA and that the company will ultimately step in to strengthen its monopoly.

“Apple’s new terms disallow sideloading and make it difficult, risky and financially unattractive for developers to install and use new stores,” the letter reads in part. “Instead of creating healthy competition and new choices, Apple’s new conditions create new barriers and strengthen the fortress Apple has built for the iPhone ecosystem.”

Apple’s critics have called on the European Commission to take action against Apple to ensure the validity of the DMA and competitive digital markets.

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Apple continues to emphasize its previous positions. The company said in a statement that the DMA requirement would lead to the development of a less secure system: “Apple’s approach to the Digital Markets Act has two simple goals: to comply with the Act and to reduce the unavoidable risks that DMA poses to our users in the European Union. .. For every change, the teams at Apple have continued to put users at the center of everything we do.”

According to Apple, the company is doing its best to protect European users and stand against new threats, including opportunities for fraud and malware and viruses to enter devices. The MacBook maker says it will continue to work with the European Union and the developer community to identify the effects of the new changes.

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