Meta will soon delete all Aquilus accounts

Meta will soon delete all Aquilus accounts

According to the Verge reportMeta plans to delete all Oculus accounts by the end of this month, and if users do not migrate to Meta by March 29 (April 10), they will lose all games, store credit, purchases, content stored in the Oculus account, and even their friends list. will give

Meta warned users in an email that their account will be deleted on March 29, 2024 (April 10, 1403) and it will not be possible to activate or restore the programs and contents of this account.

Since Meta started to register new users only with Facebook accounts, the number of Aquilus accounts has gradually decreased since 2020.

In 2022, the parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram made it possible for users to create a Meta account, offering it as an alternative for users who did not want to connect their Facebook account to the Quest headset.

Since January 2023 (D and Bahman 1401), Meta has not allowed users to log into Aquilus accounts. If you have a Meta virtual reality headset, it might be better to transfer your Aculus account to a Meta account as soon as possible.

Users can go to the Meta page with their Aquilus email, create a new account, and then they can access all their games and data in their Aquilus account.

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