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Getting to know Modian Parmis system module

One of the main components that should be taken into account in order to achieve the goals of receiving provincial taxes in Iran is related to the use of a system that can easily exchange important information between the tax administration and taxpayers. A platform called Taxpayer system By using it, there is no need to worry about time-consuming and difficult tasks such as registering invoices, invoices and tax returns. This advanced and efficient technology provides an effective help to the tax administration to significantly reduce tax evasions and is used as a digital platform.

All business owners can take the necessary steps to upload their tax information safely and online through the Modian system and easily send their declarations to the country’s tax affairs organization. In this way, by using this practical platform, it is possible to effectively help to reduce as many defects and problems in the process of tax payment and declaration as possible. Parmis company, by producing and supplying this system, has made extraordinary facilities available to customers, among them, sending invoices both selectively and in groups, and assigning private and public tax identifiers to each of the products and goods. win.

Parmis has never stopped providing better services to people than before and has tried to move forward by updating its platforms and adding new features. The three restaurant accounting software, store software, and tax system provided by this reputable company have excellent quality and easily meet the needs of a group. By purchasing any of these platforms, give yourself and your organization the gift of success.

To buy or receive Parmis financial and management software, you can call 02187758 or visit the website

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