These Samsung phones do not receive Android 15

In order to learn more about Android 15, Google officially made the first preview of this operating system available to developers. The latest operating system of Mountain View is supposed to maximize the harmony between the hardware and software of Android phones and draw users from iPhone to Android phones when buying a phone.

One of the companies that has acted very quickly in releasing Android updates in recent years is Samsung. In the not-so-distant years, even the flagships of this company would finally receive three versions of Android; But now everything has changed and Samsung phones have a lot to say in terms of software support.

Samsung announced at the unveiling ceremony of the Galaxy S24 series that the phones of this family will receive up to seven versions of Android. Among the best phones on the market, only the Pixel 8 series performs similarly to the latest Samsung Galaxy phones.

Using Samsung Galaxy A72 and Galaxy A52 in hand

With all these words, the software support period for the phones will undoubtedly end one day and these devices will be gradually retired.

List of Samsung phones that do not receive Android 15

Most of Samsung’s mid-range phones and some budget phones are included in the list of the best mid-range phones and the best budget phones thanks to their five-year software support, and they will most likely receive Android 15.

Samsung’s mid-range and budget phones of the past years received three versions of Android at best, and the possibility of Android 15 being released for them is very low. Some of Samsung’s older flagships will officially no longer receive any Android updates.

With that being said, here is a list of Samsung phones that are unlikely to receive Android 15.

Note that the above list is not official at the moment and it is possible to change it and some of the mentioned phones may be equipped with Android 15.

Android 15 will be released publicly in late summer or early fall of 1403, and the latest Pixel phone models will be the first to receive it.

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Among the new features of Android 15, we can mention the optimization of notifications, increased security, improved charging, focus on the health platform, new haptic feedback and the display of HDR to SDR ratio.

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