Mr. Ticket: Nowruz 1403 where should we go? Introducing the best spring destinations

Of course, you can also choose other countries such as Armenia and Turkmenistan as well as European countries such as France, England, Spain, Greece, etc. as spring travel destinations. Countries like India, Thailand, Vietnam, Bali, Sri Lanka, Japan, etc. can also be a good option for traveling during the Eid holidays.

The art of planning a trip

To plan a trip, you must first determine your destination, whether you are planning a domestic or foreign trip; Because clarifying this issue is effective in planning your trip. For example, if your trip is to a foreign destination and you want to spend Eid holidays outside of Iran, you should prepare your travel preparations a few months before your trip. If you don’t have a passport, you should apply for it so that it reaches you at the right time.

If you have a passport, you should check its validity and then apply for a visa according to your travel destination. Of course, you will not need a visa to travel to countries like Turkey.

Hotel reservations and ticket reservations are other important and necessary things that you should do before your trip. For domestic trips, it may not be necessary to obtain a passport and visa, but you should purchase tickets and hotel reservations as soon as possible; Because tickets and hotels fill up quickly during Eid.

Prepare clothes and accessories according to the destination and the weather; This also applies to domestic travel. Get information about the culture and language of the destination country, get travel insurance and ask people who have traveled to that destination before about the rules and conditions of travel to that country.

Also, check the destination by land and air. In domestic trips, you can buy bus and train tickets in addition to plane tickets. Although traveling to most foreign destinations must be done by air, it is also possible to travel by land to countries such as Turkey and Armenia, and you can choose the land or air route according to your conditions.

Finally, remember that when planning domestic and foreign trips, especially during Eid, you should not delay booking a hotel; Because you may not find an empty room to book, and the lack of accommodation will reduce the enjoyment of the trip.

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